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Shawn Younessi

Inpatient Information

Shawn Younessi is a Doctor of Medicine based out of West Hollywood, CA.

Beginning in 2008, Shawn started his journey toward becoming a Doctor by earning a B.S. in Psychobiology from University of California, Los Angeles. In 2013, he earned an M.S. in Biomedical Sciences from the College of Health Professions at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine. Following this, he completed a subsequent M.S. in Health Administration from Rosalind Franklin before graduating with his M.D. from Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin. In 2020, Shawn completed an Internal Medicine Residency with Harbor UCLA Medical Center, leading him to work at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for a period of time.

As a medical professional, Shawn Younessi is passionate about helping his patients in any way he can. Shawn has a particular passion for helping those affected by mental health — particularly depression — and Alzheimer’s Disease, as those conditions hit close to home for his family and loved ones. As a medical professional, Shawn also has a duty to stay up-to-date on the newest information surrounding COVID-19. He hopes to utilize this knowledge to keep his patients as safe as possible, while still providing the necessary treatment for their other conditions.

Shawn Younessi is not only invested in the medical and scientific aspects of his career. Although it is important for doctors to be knowledgeable about various conditions and treatments, Shawn believes it is also important to improve his soft skills. He frequently reads self-help books that assist him in growing personally and professionally, allowing him to connect with his patients more easily. His bedside manner is one aspect of his job that he takes very seriously, as he appreciates the ability to help his patients and he wants them to feel comfortable enough to ask for help when it is needed.

Even though Shawn Younessi is dedicated to his career, he makes sure to maintain positive activities and hobbies in his personal life. Shawn frequently volunteers in his community, and he is passionate about giving back however he can. He also likes to carve out time to exercise regularly in order to maintain his health and fitness. One hobby he picked up recently is golf, and he finds that it is a perfect leisurely activity that keeps his mind and body active. Aside from fitness, Shawn is also interested in improving his diet when possible, making sure to eat all of the necessary macronutrients to keep his body running.

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